“He has it all: the beauty of a lyric tenor voice with refined mezza-voce, and the purity of the style”
— Alan Blyth, Opera

upcoming events
Les Voix Solidaires
Les Voix Solidaires
Opéra Confluence Avignon
1st June 2021

"Les Voix Solidaires" concert for the first time at the Opéra Grand Avignon in an exceptional charity concert to denounce violence against women.

At the Opéra Grand Avignon, more than 40 artists will give their voice to support two associations from the Vaucluse department, which fight, help and protect those women victims of violence : RHESO and AMAV.

recent press
TCHAIKOVSKY : Eugen Onegin
TCHAIKOVSKY : Eugen Onegin
Copenhagen Royal ThEatre
20 November 2019

"Generelt var de musikalske højdepunkter i operaen, de smukke arier og duetter. Phillippe Do, der sang Lenskij, udviste dramatisk og musikalsk kapacitet på samme niveau som Kuhn i Lenskijs store dramatiske arie ude i skoven. I så høj grad at jeg næsten fældede en tåre: Der var noget særligt tragisk over måden, Lenskij stod grædende og alene i en vinterkold skov udklædt som en klovn. »
"In general, the musical highlights of the opera were the beautiful arias and duets. Phillippe Do, who sang Lenskij, exhibited dramatic and musical ability at the same level as Kuhn in Lensky's great dramatic arie in the woods. So much so that I almost shed a tear: There was something particularly tragic about the way Lenskij was crying and alone in a winter-cold forest dressed like a clown. "
Julia Bielefeld, Ungtteaterblod

"Efter festen och innan Onegin skjuter ihjäl honom sjunger Lenskij sin stora aria Kuda Kuda. Här levererar tenoren Philippe Do sin aria med all önskvärd känsla och övertygelse. »
"After the party and before Onegin shoots him to death, Lenskij sings his big aria Kuda Kuda. Here, tenor Philippe Do delivers his aria with all the desirable feeling and conviction. »
Morgens H Andersson, Operalogg

"og denne opsætning af EUGEN ONEGIN fremstår som en holdindsats fremfor en række individuelle sejre. Den følelsesfulde Philippe Do som Lenskij gør dog et særligt indtryk"
" this setup of EUGEN ONEGIN appears as a team effort rather than a series of individual victories. However, the emotional Philippe Do as Lenskij makes a special impression"
Michael Søby, CPHCULTURE

ROSSINI : Guillaume Tell
ROSSINI : Guillaume Tell
Chorégies d'Orange
July 13, 2019

"Philippe Do is outstanding as the governor’s Commander. He shares with his master the same authority. We love hating this kind of characters, still they are difficult to play. Do’s performance is impressive. Together with his soldiers, he leads a massive terror campaign and generates a feeling of fear.
Bertrand Balmitgère, Crescendo

"Philippe Do projects his large tenor voice for a vigorous and strong Rodolphe"
Jocelyne de Nicola, GBOpera

"Philippe Do displays a beautiful and larger voice tenor in the role of Rodolphe"
José Pons, Olryx

"The (too) short appearance of tenor Philippe Do in the martial part of Rodolphe"
Alain Duault, OperaOnline

"the arrogance of tenor Philippe Do's voice, like a laser beam, in the role of Rodolphe"
Benito Pelegrin, RMT International News

"Philippe Do is an arrogant Rodolphe, as much as one can wish for."
Christian Peter, Resmusica